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If you are longing for a sensational holiday, you can make it this summer. You don’t need to wait any longer just click here and you will get the most sensational Bali Villa. Clicking the provided link will bring you to the official Avalon Bali Villa. This villa is one of  the most stunning places to stay during the holiday. If you love to travel to tropic island, Bali is the best destination and during in Bali, Avalon Bali Villa is your best place to stay. This stunning luxury 7 bedroom villa offers you many great things to enjoy. The Villa is hidden near the Canggu beach and surrounded by coconut trees and terraced rice paddies. This villa is one of few villas that offer the most spacious bedrooms for the guests. Here the  guests can get luxurious bedroom according to their needs and likings. There are 7-bedroom, 6-bedroom, 5-bedroom, 4-bedroom, 2-bedroom and luxury 1-bedroom villa with private pool. The guests can choose the number of rooms needed for the family, friends, and relatives. The room configurations ease the guest to match the rooms he or she takes with the available budget. No matter how many family you bring, you can always book more rooms for them. Each room or villa configuration designed with sophisticated interior design that reflects rich and elegant Balinese culture. There is a heavy natural atmosphere in the villa supported by lush garden that gives your eyes fresh view and fresh oxygen for your lungs.
The Avalon Bali Villa is only a minute walk from Canggu Beach. It makes the villa has more natural atmosphere with the sound comes from the sea. At nights, all  you can hear is the soft and slow sound of waves hitting the beach and also the breezing winds that make thee leaves dance. In the morning, you can walk by the beach and enjoy the sunrise. For those who love sunbathe, Canggu Beach is a perfect place to do it. The white sands offers you comforts as you lying tanning your skin. For those who love to surf, there is a good spot for surfing not far from the Villa. If you want to lay relax in the villa, you can lay by the swimming pool. There are gazebo and benches there. You can also refresh your body by dipping your body in the cold swimming pool.  The Avalon Bali Villa has professional staffs. All of them are English speaking staffs and you can count on them 24 hours a day. If you are hungry, each villa has an executive chef that is capable of cooking international, oriental, and local recipes. Order any foods you like and it will be on your dishes shortly. For those who like garden activity, the Avalon Bali Villa provides all things you need, ranging from birthday party to wedding party. You only need to arrange the schedule and program with the Villa manager and all staffs will be very helpful.

At night, you can enjoy either entertainment in Villa or you can walk to the bar. If you prefer to get more air, the top class one-stop-shopping center is within a walk. Bars and café is on the same street and you can join people from the same country as you and have talks. If you prefer to stay in your room, the villa has been equipped with complete amenities such as 24 hours on Call Staffs, air conditioned room, balcony, kitchen appliances, cable TV, freezer, HDTV, free internet connection, pool, Satellite TV, Private Chef, and many more. Stayinig in Avalon Bali Villa will make you king. If you want to relax, lounge is available for each villa. It is an open space lounge with soft and clean sofa and tables. With trees around the place, every guest will breath fresh and clean air full of oxygen. To enjoy it all, you need to book the villa long before your arrival. The minimum stay is two days and the price for the villa is ranging from $1.450 per night/room. You may get cheaper price if you book more rooms. However, in peak season, such as Christmas the price may be adapted and get a slightly more expensive.