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California, The United State of America is a great place as a tourist resort. It is the best place where you find various place of entertainment. Visit California is a great experience. Californian people understand the visitor demand so that they have provided many services to ease the traveler during their holiday on California. Now, you can find easily accommodation in California. There are various choice would accommodation type that you need whether it is the cheap one or the luxurious accommodation. Commonly all of the accommodation is placed near scenic byways also highways so that you can find easily when you get there. However, the most important about visiting California is which place you would visit.

There are several tourist attractions that have been become popular among the visitor to visit California. The most tourist resort in California is Hollywood that it is located on Los Angeles. It is the most interesting landmark in Los Angeles also. The most famous movie studios also the Hollywood star place. It is the most exciting place for enjoying nightlife, tourism, and also shopping. Hollywood provides various tourist attractions for the visitor. You can take a great walk on Walk of Fame Hollywood. Then you can enjoy your time with interesting attraction on theme park of Universal Studios Hollywood.

If you visit California, don’t forget to cross the Golden Gate Bridge. It is the largest bride with suspension system in the world. This bridge is connecting Marin Country and San Francisco. It had become famous landmark of California. Below the bridge you can enjoy the great panoramic view of Bay Area. After that you can enjoy hundreds of interesting rides, shops, attraction, and restaurant on Disneyland. Your family especially your children would enjoy very much the Disneyland. There are various rides such as Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, and Pirates of the Caribbean.